In extreme cases, failure to manage car park facilities can result in serious incidents and even fatalities. The area must be safe to use, and employers have a duty to clear car parks of anything that might adversely affect safety on the premises. As long as parking bays are clearly marked, this should help traffic flow and avoid the need for vehicles to queue or struggle to find a space. Set an appropriate speed limit to slow traffic down, and consider adding physical elements that have a traffic calming effect, such as permanent bollards or speed bumps. Crime can also occur in parking areas, both against vehicles and against individuals who use the car park as well as those who may work in such establishments. Fill potholes promptly to minimise driving hazards. Finally, in the context of your geographical location, think about the need for lighting and surveillance cameras. So, make sure the car park is clear in these circumstances. Among employers’ health and safety responsibilities, there are those that apply to external areas of the workplace, including car parks. If your car park is prone to flooding, take steps to address this issue. One of the most important issues to remember is making accessible space available for employees or visitors with. fires, particularly in underground or large multi-storey car parks. It is worth noting that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also recommends that the employer develops a “travel plan” to reduce demand on car parking. Crime can also be an issue as thieves often target parked cars in car parks, especially where these areas are not under surveillance. Managed by the British Parking Association (BPA), it aims to reduce crime and people’s fear of crime in parking areas. This provides some general principles about safe parking areas. Many organisations operate car parks. If you are driving and parking alone, join a car pool, rideshare or have someone meet you. Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment forRead More >, Anyone who runs a business knows that parking is one of the bugbears of modern life. Disruption is caused by obscuring essential pedestrian routes, which makes it difficult for other cars to park alongside or move past safely. If you notice employees are creating a muddy track by taking a shortcut over grass, consider turning the route into an alternative, safe pathway by paving it with slip-resistant material. Good management is also essential to ensure appropriate procedures are utilised for both ongoing use and maintenance. Among the essential criteria are high-quality lighting. Take photos or watch videos (49%)NSC found teens (59%) were more likely to engage in personal grooming than adults (53%) while driving in parking lots, but less likely to be o… The HSE provides a number of recommendations and suggest that regular physical inspections should be undertaken at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. Your first consideration when designing a parking area should be to assess the potential of the ground you plan to use. Answering these simple questions will help you get off to a good start when it comes to creating a well-designed parking area that is as safe as possible to use, even at night. Mike Sopp looks at the potential hazards, the impact of safe design and use, and the benefits of inspection and monitoring. As mentioned above, it may be necessary to carefully control numbers and allocate parking spaces to specific persons. In poor weather conditions surfaces may become flooded or slippery due to tree leaves, ice or snow. Although fires in car parks are rare, there is concern in the fire safety industry that new vehicles (including electric vehicles) are creating increased fire risks and/or fire spread, as seen in a recent fire in Liverpool. For complex parking areas, guidance such as the Institution of Structural Engineers’ publication Design Recommendations for Multi-storey and Underground Car Parks and/or the British Parking Association guide New Build Car Park Guidelines would be referred to by designers. Park Mark information can be found at Information Protection and Cyber Security, fires, particularly in underground or large multi-storey car parks, Call to treat cyber security as a team sport, Second council mulls workplace parking levy, Video conferencing: safety and security considerations. The UK has also been subject to legislation from the EU regarding transport in the past. It’sRead More >, Environmentally friendly and always at your fingertips, In poor weather conditions surfaces may become flooded or slippery due to tree leaves, ice or snow. For complex car parks, the Institute of Civil Engineers recommends making use of a life-care plan for each car park structure “to enable inspection, maintenance and repair to be implemented efficiently so that adequate safety is maintained in an economic way”. Start with traffic management and make sure there is an easy-to-follow one-way system in place to minimise the need to reverse or make awkward and difficult manoeuvres. Mike Sopp looks at the potential hazards, the impact of safe design and use, and the benefits of inspection and monitoring. It also recommends that as part of the monitoring process, users of the car park should be engaged with to ascertain any problems they encounter when using the car park (that the physical inspection may not necessarily identify).

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