Series creators and executive producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss serve as showrunners for the seventh season. And he is right that those in power should not reward incompetence with loyalty. Stream Season 7 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones: Stormborn online or on your device plus recaps, previews, and other clips. And I suspect he will bring up just such a point in season 8, as this episode already setup that she expects him to give her a reality check when the need arises. Shakman is a first-time Game of Thrones director, with the rest each having directed multiple episodes in previous seasons. “The North is yours.” Head to the official Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide for more about this episode. Certainly, it could have been conducted during the weeks-long crossing of the Narrow Sea, but I suppose Dany and her entourage just spent the whole maritime voyage staring dramatically toward the horizon. Do they actually believe in Jon Snow’s stories of White Walkers? Naval battles have always challenged filmmakers, and this one felt just as weak as many others from the past. Admittedly, I even had to stifle a laugh when Littlefinger hissed he liked Ned Stark in his own way. Yes. read more: Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions and Theories. We saw him actually kill a few blokes in season 4, but this is really Sam’s wheelhouse and shows how far he’s truly come. Essentially playing like a slightly less gory version of the excesses from Starz’s Spartacus: Blood and Sand, swords clash, and heads cave in. Cersei gathers her allies. But it’s not done! And for a man who could barely stand the sight of blood once upon a time, he doesn’t shy away from the grisly work of essentially skinning Jorah Mormont alive. (Oh and the direwolves!). Even if it’s winter, I bet it’s still a lovely time of year for a barbecue. And when Theon jumps overboard, it’s almost like all the character work for him is going with him. That early third act pace just keeps trucking, because the episode ends in a “major” battle between the good Greyjoys and the bad Greyjoys. It never should have been if that’s not what she wanted, but the life she has now is also not her… or it shouldn’t have been. Sure, there is a scene of Qyburn unveiling to Cersei a weapon to stop the dragons, but if these hellions are the same creatures we heard about crushing entire armies in an afternoon, and roasting hundreds of thousands of men alive during Aegon the Conqueror’s Big Year, I don’t care how large your crossbow is. If he’s their king, surely it’s time to put a Stark on the end of his name? In essence, he reveals himself to have the ideals of a senator from Vermont and the work ethic of an FBI director being pestered with demands of loyalty oaths. These are the scenes where Emilia Clarke is at her best. This is not the end of Theon or Yara’s subplots, but combining the Dornish and Greyjoy storylines did not exactly lead lead to wildfire-like explosions. Everything that has happened to her next crystallized more than any other scene her entire journey—and it involved Nymeria. But the intriguing takeaway from the scene is that I am starting to feel fairly certain they are foreshadowing that the end of this series will not be any one ruler on the Iron Throne. David Crow is the movies editor at Den of Geek. The first is the rather shocking reveal that she went out of her way on the King’s Road to cross paths with Hot Pie yet again. Or more accurately, it was just him testing to see if Jon really is his father’s son. In both cases, it is because they assumed this pervy perv was perving on their redheaded lady, albeit in Jon’s case it is his sister. Alone in the wood and snow, she would have made easy pickings for the wolf pack Nymeria has been dominating for years (and only book readers were aware of existing before tonight). But she does; it’s just that the House of Black and White, as well as her killing spree at the Twins, has hardened her more than most likely realized. I’m sure he liked him most when he saw his head rotting on a spike. Hot Pie gives her wonderful news. Hence why it was so satisfying to see him be put on the hot seat. Already, he is in the Red Keep answering Cersei’s call even though this new Iron Queen just cooked his previous liege lord Mace Tyrell (not to mention the much-missed Queen Margaery Tyrell in what also amounts to an act of treason) in 50 shades of green. Maisie Williams also crushes it in the scene, showing all the sorrow, anguish, and emptiness be moved by something deep and broken on the inside through the rest of her body. You bet your decomposing hand I did. Would George R.R. I write that because at first her despondent look at Hot Pie while making grim, Hound-esque jokes about her baking skills, made it seem as though she didn’t want Hot Pie’s company. In season 7 she’s self-sufficient and needs no savior, but how much is there left to save? But she is closer to having no identity here than she ever appeared to at the House of Black and White. Dragons can smoke the Wights, and a conveniently ample supply of Dragonglass in cold storage that can slaughter the White Walkers.

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