The shotgun also suffers from a lack of capacity requiring more reloads than a pistol or AR-15. In addition to training with the exac… Simply put, you won’t be lugging a large rifle through the house. Jeff Anderson [Indiana Star] Karen Dolley, 43, was sleeping in her bed when she heard the sound of a man’s voice in her house in the middle of the night. Not to mention, it’s higher capacity magazine, where applicable, delivers more rounds between reloads. Top 10 Home Defense Weapons. When you need it the most, your gun may be out of reach or you could be ambushed with no chance of drawing in time to stop the threat. Longer and more stable than a straight-up pistol yet shorter than an AR, pistol caliber carbines have bridged the gap between the handgun and long gun worlds. It’s smaller size makes storage easier, with handguns easily slipping into nightstand safes. It doesn’t take years of training to master. It’s well past midnight and you hear an unfamiliar sound coming from the living room. All it takes is a few brutal “street fighting moves” that anyone can learn in a few hours by watching our street-fighting DVD you can get for free here…. (Hint: A Gun Is Only Your 3rd!) Home invaders hate barking dogs. 3 Self-Defense Tips To Defeat A Bully Without A Single Punch (And 1 If You Have To)! Best Of Self Defense / Featured Content / Self Defense / Street Fights. It’s time to face the facts: the world is an unsafe place. An AR-15, though longer, delivers accuracy and stability. Thus it’s important to understand the limitations of certain models and take it for some practice at the range prior to putting it to the test in the home. Featuring a cylinder that swings out to one side allowing users to load and unload, the revolver is an easy platform to learn. This question is best answered by first understanding how home invaders usually commit their crimes. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/, When the topic of home defense is discussed, you can’t venture too far without mentioning the venerable shotgun. Semi-auto handguns, like the Glock 19, deliver a small and compact firearm into the mix. She flipped the lights on to discover a strange man standing in her living room. Pistol Caliber Carbines offer a stability advantage and compact design. if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { I’ve pressure-tested all of these moves myself and taught them to thousands of others and it’s incredible how easy they are to learn and how devastating they are in a real fight. This is why I stress that everyone – even gun-owners – need to think of self-defense skills as a foundation to all of your tactical training. Modern Combat | Urban Survival | Self-Defense | Combat Training © 2020. Are you prepared to defend your home from a violent criminal? There have to be at least 100 other homes in your neighborhood that don’t have barking dogs inside of them so why risk it? Sean Tirman. Namely, capacity and recoil. We take a look at the DDM4 V7, an M-LOK railed version of a rifle that came out around 2016. Notable for their compact size and maneuverability, pistols allow home owners to easily navigate tight corners and manipulate doors. Modern Combat & Survival All Rights Reserved. With no time to spare, Dolley grabbed the first “weapon” her hand could find – her Japanese martial arts sword – and held the man at blade-point until police arrived minutes later. While it boasts a shorter learning curve, it sacrifices capacity. Shotguns are popular home defense weapons for several reasons: they’re relatively cheap, easy to use, and provide plenty of knockdown power. Using buckshot, the shotgun offers greater saturation and thus produces a more devastating result on targets. Designed to give home owners and renters alike the means to protect themselves, home defense guns come in a few styles depending on users skill level and needs. Modifications. Nov 7, 2016. From tactical awareness to adrenalized, life-saving decision-making… your brain is your ultimate weapon (which is what really helped Dolley defeat her attacker by deciding to use the sword in her hand rather than keep scrambling around looking for her gun).

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