I see what you’re saying about the overhead press. When trying to gain strength, it’s often better to feel pretty fresh during your training. I’m focusing on compound body-weight exercises: pull-ups, dips, rows, planks, deep step-ups and push ups. Or are your workouts leaving you feeling fresh, you aren’t getting a pump, and you don’t really feel any soreness during the next couple days? Or at least using a different exercise. Seems like you’re already at the upper limit of it . If we wanted to get all thirty sets for our biceps, we might want to spread that out over five workouts per week. There’s plenty of wiggle room here. Are you supposed to be a little sore on your next workout, or not at all? In our Bony to Beastly and Bony to Bombshell programs, we use a bunch of those supersets, and we design them so that there are a couple of lifts done at every station. So you might get more out of bench + overhead press + skullcrushers (chest + shoulders + triceps) than from decline bench + cable crossovers + push-ups (chest + chest + chest). Are you aiming for overall muscle growth (bulking) or are you focusing on a few muscles (specialization)? 2-3 sets per exercise lead to a much greater increment in muscle size than a single set. Occasionally you can dip to either side, say 4–40 reps. Is the idea that the Outlift programs don’t try to get *every* muscle in the 9+ sets/wk range, but gets them most of the way there and we use the target area accessory lifts to push the ones we care about most in to the 9+ range? Lats and your overall upper back are worked by both the rows and chin-ups, so they should be okay. In fact, comparing 4-6 sets to a single set, you’d experience around 80-85% more growth: …and in further support of this positive relationship between training volume and hypertrophy is a more recent 2017 meta-analysis. B: 3 sets working up to the heaviest weight – then doing 4 sets of that heavy weight till/close to failure each of those 4 times? So training volume was 50% higher for the quads than for the triceps and biceps. Thank you for everything again. Now, are these lower training volumes totally ideal for building muscle? Are you going to get 9+ sets of direct triceps, biceps, neck, side delt, and etc all in the same phase? We’ve got a large range to experiment with. This is just one of many studies, of course, but the results line up with the meta-regression Krieger performed on all of the relevant research.”. Would it look more like A or B ? If you overtrain your muscle you may get negative results. Your bench press workout might look something like this: Warm-up: 8 reps with 95 pounds + 5 reps with 135 pounds (quick and easy) Another of my favourite researchers looking into the ideal training volume for muscle growth is James Krieger, MS. He’s famous for publishing a study known as the Volume Bible. 3-minute rest periods yielded more muscle growth than 1-minute rest periods in the 8–12 rep range (, 5-minute rest periods roughly doubled the amount of protein synthesis compared to 1-minute rest periods (, 30-second rest periods yielded similar muscle growth to. The Hypertrophy Rep Range: How Many Reps to Build Muscle? Being consistent with your training and nutrition, you will definitely achieve your muscle-building goals. So, yeah, if you’re doing upper-body pushing more than once per week, you might want to do a standard bench one day, an incline bench another day, push-ups on another. When the ever-increasing volume starts to become unmanageable or hard to recover from, we can take a deload week to recover, dropping the volume back down to, say, two sets per muscle group per workout. But if you have some indirect and direct work adding together, you should be okay. And you’ll never see a bodybuilder going to the gym just to practice their lifts. I’m asking bc I cannot understand whether the sum of weekly sets should be optimally 12 or it’s more about sets per workout and not per week. Then, at the other end of the strength–endurance spectrum, once reps move beyond 30–40 reps per set, they become better for improving muscular endurance but start stimulating less muscle growth. Hello. In that case, you would warm up with similar exercises, such as push-ups before dips and lat pulldowns (or rows) before chin-ups. You may even gain some extra muscle size and strength. That kind of thing. Training Frequency: How Often Should You Work Out to Build Muscle? The 5 Big Compound Lifts for Building Muscle. So, are all of the recommended 10–22 sets per week for chest supposed to be till/close to failure?

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