The length of the walls, ceiling height, and width (in walk-in closets) or depth (in a standard, reach-in closet) will impact the depth of shelving you can use, the amount of shelving and hardware you need, and the options you can add to a basic configuration. "Width_|_21.5":"4" "ItemAngleFullImage" : { A: Vertical spacing between shelving depends on what you are storing. "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/2106600_alt_1.jpg" They may damage the product finish over time. Measure from the floor up to determine the height of your single-hang and double-hang rods. Q: Can I mount the cabinets off the floor and onto the wall? , Q: Why are there pre-drilled holes on the side panels if you don’t recommend adding more shelves? } "image_4" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/136300_alt_3.jpg" Sign In or Register to access your lists. Supports front lip of shelving to keep it level where it meets another shelf in a corner. Check out our Quick Tip video on this topic for more: A: They should not be more than 36 inches apart for fixed-mount systems and not more than 24 inches apart for Shelftrack. }, We provide multiple support brackets for closet and shoe shelving, rods and more. "Height_|_8":"2" Q: Why do I need to attach my unit to the wall? 12"/ 30.5cm Shelf & Rod Corner Kit Product code: 71066. , "Color_|_White":"1" }, "mc_sku" : "yummy", , A: The labels are designed to be removable without any type of cleaner, but if they’re not peeling off easily, you can use a product like Goo-Gone. "image_4" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/136100_alt_3.jpg" A: The parts can be identified through the pre-drilled holes. Cabinets that are designed to be installed off of the floor can be used as such. holes, secure with #8 pin. "buyable" : "true", A: The pre-drilled holes are intended for the adjustable shelves, providing more range for adjustability. "catentry_id" : "10146", Retail Locations. The laminate will not absorb the paint. }, Where to Buy. Q: Is ClosetMaid’s wire shelving made of steel or aluminum? "ItemImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/136100_full.jpg", ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { "image_5" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/136300_alt_4.jpg" "image_3" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/136100_alt_2.jpg" "productId" : "10144", Q: What is the recommended interval for multiple rows of shelving? "Attributes" : { "ItemAngleFullImage" : { "productId" : "10144", , "Color_|_White":"1" Assembly Instructions. "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/134100_full.jpg" } A: All towers and organizers must be secured to the wall to prevent the unit from potentially tipping when it is loaded with weight. "Height_|_2":"2" Avoid using hard chemical cleaners. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/200x310/134100_thumb.jpg" , If your closet has baseboards, you will need to adjust for them during the installation process. "catentry_id" : "10148", "mc_sku" : "yummy", "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/2106700_alt_1.jpg" { "ItemThumbnailImage" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/200x310/136300_thumb.jpg" A: Yes. shoppingListJS = new ShoppingListJS({storeId: '11352',catalogId: '10302',langId: '-1'}, {id: '10001', name: 'Corner Support', image: '/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/100100_full.jpg', type: 'ItemBean', components: {}, skus: []}, {}, "shoppingListJS"); }, The instruction manual shows you a diagram of the different parts. "catentry_id" : "10142", © Copyright 2020 ClosetMaid | All Rights Reserved, Three Easy DIY Ways to Organize Your Kitchen, Three DIY Home Organization Projects to Tackle, "Depth_|_19":"3" Use this one-stop self-help center to watch step-by-step installation demonstrations for select ClosetMaid … What about metal studs? Find An Installing Dealer. { , "catentry_id" : "10147", "image_4" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/additionalimages/136100_alt_3.jpg" 4 ft. W x 12 in. Place Hang Stop 1” away from edge of End Bracket. Suggested site content and search history menu, The price of the product might be updated based on your selection, SpaceCreations Product Temporarily Unavailable. , "Width_|_19":"4" "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/2106600_alt_1.jpg" Snap TS Pro Hang Rod Assembly into desired location onto the shelf. Fixed mount ClosetMaid wire shelving and hang rods require quality supports. Q: I want my Selectives/SuiteSymphony corner unit to have a left-hand configuration. ,"ItemAngleThumbnail" : { } Question: What is the recommended height for single-hang and double-hang configurations? A: To clean laminate products, use a damp cloth and nonabrasive cleaner. , "ItemAngleFullImage" : { We’ve got the answers to those questions (and more) in this week’s blog post! , "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/2106600_full.jpg" }, } Width: 5. "image_1" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/94x94/136300_thumb.jpg" Corner Support installation instructions for use when butt fitting shelves in a corner Product code: 120. "productId" : "10141", "image_2" : "/wcsstore/MasterCatalog/catalogentries/646x1000/additionalimages/136300_alt_1.jpg"

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