One of the best Japanese rice brands, Akitakomachi Japanese rice has a rich flavor. The Koshihikari rice of Niigata Prefecture is known for its flexible, aromatic, and … Some of the best Japanese rice brands to buy are Koshihikari Rice, Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice, Kijima Tsuyahime Yamagata White Rice, Hitomebore Rice, and Ubara Extra Premium Japanese White Rice. They may not be the best, but they are usually cheaper in price. It is usually steamed but it can also be cooked in the rice cooker, if you prefer. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. In terms of taste, there are two prominent types of rice in Japan, the Koshihikari and the Sasanishiki. This item: Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice, 15-Pound $30.00 ( $0.13 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. Koshihikari from Toyama Prefecture, Japan (you can find this brand at Japanese grocery stores) Gaba Sprouted Brown Rice . Koshihikari rice is one of the best Japanese rice brands and the go-to … Lastly, the recent addition to top Japanese rice brands is Tsuyahime Authentic Traditional rice from Yamagata Prefecture. This Japanese rice brand is slowly gaining more popularity than the Koshihikari Japanese rice brand. When it comes to the highest grade short grain sushi rice, the name of Tamanishiki stands tall. The rice variety is slightly sweet and has a chewy texture. Things to Buy at MUJI Japan 2020| 10 Best MUJI …, 15 Best Things To Do In Kochi, Japan | Reasons …, 6 Best Things To Do In Ishigaki Island | Must-Include …, Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice, Characterized by its flexible, aromatic, and sticky grains, Popular amongst Japanese chefs in restaurants, Blend of Koshihikari rice and Yumegokochi rice, Perfect Japanese rice brand to make onigiris and sushis, As popular as Koshihikari Japanese rice brand, Sweet, sticky and shiny grains that are bigger than most other Japanese rice, Lesser-known varieties of Japanese rice brands, Can be used to make a wide variety of dishes, Can be paired with a wide variety of dishes, from stir-fry to gravy and soups, Perfect for making sushi and onigiri as it retains shape and size, Not as sticky as the others Japanese rice varieties, Made using highest quality Koshihikari rice, Delicious flavor profile and a delicate texture, Larger rice grains than other Japanese rice brands, Cultivated in an environmentally friendly method in rich soil and clean water, Ideal for making sushis, onigiri balls, rice balls, and other Asian dishes. Learn how to cook the perfect rice every time with three simple tricks. Mochigome, on the other hand, is sweet rice and is most commonly used to make traditional wagashi sweets and mochi rice cakes. Nishiki Medium Grain Rice, 80 Ounce . Cooking Koshihikari rice does not require special processes. Although there are a few differences, you anyone can actually do it! 11 Best Sushi Rice Brand For Perfect Sushi 1. Koshihikari rice is very flavorful and of superior-quality. The size of the rice grains of this Japanese rice variety is bigger than the most rice varieties offered by other Japanese rice brands. Nishiki Premium Rice, Medium Grain, 240 Oz, Pack of 1 $19.45 ( $0.08 / 1 Ounce) In Stock. This type is popularly used in Western-style restaurants and bentos while the latter is plain and smooth, which is mostly used in Japanese breakfasts. For all whiskey lovers, here are some of the rarest Japanese whiskey brands you should definitely add to your collection! The rice is quite sticky when cooked, and so is excellent rice to eat with chopsticks. It is a variety of short-grain Japonica rice and has excellent texture and flavor. But you also substitute for the other in most cases. Considering the overall factors such as demand, taste, and popularity, many Japanese restaurants worldwide use Koshihikari. Is Japanese rice and Sushi rice the same? Our Brands; Packaging Option. Hitomebore Japanese rice brand is a lesser-known variety of rice in Japan. Onitsuka Tiger Japan Outlets and Latest Release | Get The Most Popular Onitsuka Tiger Shoes 2020! Things To Consider When Choosing A Sushi Rice Brand . What makes this brand and rice variety unique is the explosion of flavors inside your mouth after taking a bite. Japan has been popular in cultivating the highest quality of rice over the years and they still maintain to provide the optimum variety of this grain. short grain rice brands, Find Quality short grain rice brands and Buy short grain rice brands from Reliable Global short grain rice brands Suppliers from mobile site on . There are several factors that affect the consistency, stickiness and fluffiness of cooked rice. Other than that, you can get Japanese rice online from Amazon. Feeling like sushi? This Japanese rice brand is also easy to cook which is also why it is usually picked over the other Japanese rice brands. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Love sushi? It was rated special A in 2010 by the Japan Grain Inspection Association and now more famous than the Koshihikari. Koshihikari Rice. Tip: Cold soft water is free from hard mineral contents such as calcium and iron. Another great reason to taste Koshihikari rice is that, for 28 years, it has received A rank in the overall annual rice tasting. These Japanese convenience stores some delicious Japanese dishes you’ll love! Rice is not only a staple food but also has a rich cultural significance in the country. Product Brand: Although Tsuyahime Authentic Traditional Japanese Rice toggles on second, it still has a lot to go through before it will get even with Koshihikari in terms of popularity. Brand. What I love about this Japanese rice brand is that it is cultivated in an environmentally friendly way using rich soil and clean water. The short grains encourage longer moisture retention for perfect shaping and succulent mouth feel. This Japanese rice goes well with stir-fried dishes, gravy, and soups. Here are the best Japanese rice brands you have to try if you love cooking Japanese dishes! 4.7 out of 5 stars 6,162. Hitomebore Japanese rice, when cooked, is slightly sticky yet smooth. Japanese rice refers to a number of short-grain cultivars of Japonica rice including ordinary rice (uruchimai) and glutinous rice (mochigome).. There is a myriad of rice worldwide and only a few make it to the top list of best rice types. Ships from and sold by Xcess Limited. Cooking Tsuyahime is pretty easy and straightforward as the rest of the Japanese rice. It has a smooth texture and is not as sticky as other Japanese rice varieties. In this post, I'll explain to you step by step what you need to know to cook the perfect rice every time. New; Sponsored Best Seller in Dried White Rice. It is characterized by a soft, glossy texture when cooked. Ok, so we already know about the different rice types such as white, brown, red, black and even mixed. Search Products. Let’s discover the top 3 popular brands in this new post! Love onigiri and sushi? In the West, Japanese rice is often referred to as sticky rice as many Japanese rice varieties are sticky in nature. Things to Buy at MUJI Japan 2020| 10 Best MUJI Products To Buy In Japan! Price. This Japanese rice brand is quite sticky in texture so it’s perfect to make sushi as well. The rice cooking process consists of several parts including proper rice preparation. Best Japanese Moisturizer 2020 | Soft, Supple Skin All Day! Have you tried cooking any of the above-mentioned brands? $5.99 $ 5. This delicate flavor is retained even when the rice is served cold. Your email address will not be published. When cooked, it transforms into sticky rice and is perfect for eating with chopsticks. If we are to consider the global demand for Japanese rice, the Koshihikari Premium Rice still tops the list as the best Japanese rice. The mill was fitted with the finest Japanese milling equipment available. Although most of them are available within Japan, a few of them has reached worldwide distribution and here are the three Japanese rice brands to choose from: The Koshihikari rice of Niigata Prefecture is known for its flexible, aromatic, and sticky grain and is overall one of Japan’s highly famous rice brands. Apart from these qualities, it has a delicious aftertaste even when the rice is already cool. This is one of the best Japanese rice brands for making sushi. Tamanishiki rice. Ships from and sold by Required fields are marked *. Even when the rice is cold this Japanese rice brand tastes absolutely delicious! There are two main varieties of Japanese rice – Urumichai and Mochigome. With an excellent flavor profile and a delicate texture, you can pair this Japanese rice with any of your favorite Japanese dishes. It is a blend of Koshihikari rice and  Yumegokochi Rice. New; Sponsored Best Seller in Dried White Rice. Koshihikari rice is one of the best Japanese rice brands and the go-to rice brand in Japan amongst a lot of locals. It is a common rice brand in Japanese houses and is used to make several Japanese home-cooked dishes. Tamanishiki Super Premium Short … The method of cooking Japanese rice and Korean rice is also different. Our milling and quality control staff have the experience and expertise needed to produce the finest rice.

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