Ever since the first electric rice cooker was available in 1955, manufacturers have been refining and upgrading the original specifications. Cuckoo. Following our impact on the Korean industry, we are eager to share our top-quality products and beyond standards service to the local market. Leading Korean commercial, restaurant and consumer rice cooker manufacturer Cuckoo Electronics Company sells their products in the United States by way of P&K USA Trading Corp. It highlights the advanced Induction heating technology that disseminates heat equally during the entire cooking process. ... CUCKOO’s patented emission system makes … The CR-0631F Rice Cooker is an exceptional device for cooking rice like a seasoned sushi chef. It is one of the best small rice … CUCKOO Indonesia, Redefining Smart Family Lifestyle CUCKOO Indonesia pursue our BIG Start journey since January 2018. Operated by. Rice Cookers. Cuckoo’s success has come from our involvement with all stages of the product life cycle including product design, quality control, product development, manufacturing, sales and customer service. Korean rice cookers are known throughout the world for boasting superior quality; we took what was already high standards and created the best rice cookers, pressure rice cookers, and electric rice cookers for your home’s kitchen that offer the same performance empowering fine dining restaurants. Unlike some other brands, this appliance cooks rice fast. CUCKOO grew immensely by the end of 2018. Cuckoo is continuing on the path of innovation with the launch of Cuckoo’s revolutionary countertop water system featuring Nano Filtration and Mineral Infusion. if they are, it will be in either in Japanese and Chinese also aside from English . You don’t have to worry about burning the grains around the edges. Finally, another Cuckoo rice cooker on our List! The conclusive outcome is rice with flavorful taste and texture that … That’s a lot of rice and that’s a lot of rice cookers. Furthermore, our product range has expanded to Air Purifier and shall follow by Multi Cookers in few months time. Cuckoo CRP-G1015F 10 cup Multifunctional Electric Pressure Rice Cooker – 15 built-in programs including Glutinous (White), GABA, Multi Cook and more Non-Stick Coating, Made in Korea, Pink/White. The Company offers a wide range of mild alkaline water purifiers that come with Nano & RO Filtration Technology. CUCKOO’s Technology. Consequently, CUCKOO will move further and grow Beyond Standards through the development of our products and services that are specially made for Healthy Homes. this Page is for users searching for English manuals for their Korean Cuckoo electric rice cooker . In addition, CUCKOO will provide an environment where Vietnamese customers can use pressure cookers more easily and comfortably, and will become more popular and customer-friendly comprehensive household appliance company in the Vietnamese market.CUCKOO will not forget our philosophy, which regards rice taste and healthy as its basic value. These purifiers are capable of producing safe drinking water that meets standards set by the World Health Organization. When it comes to home and family, your kitchen is at the heart of living. In late 2016, Cuckoo established its first American branch, Cuckoo Electronics America, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. It’s a great design and sturdy materials are a piece of the explanation we added it to our rundown of Korean rice cookers. Welcome to Cuckoo USA Store, the official home of Cuckoo rice cookers in America. Cuckoo is one of the bestselling brands of South Korea, known for its durable and reliable home appliances. CUCKOO's Natural and Nano Positive Filters are patented and guaranteed to bring you only the best drinking water: 100% pure, free of all viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals. The Cuckoo CR-0655F is a pleasant package with optimum practicality and a pocket-friendly pricing. 1 comprehensive household appliance company beyond Korea. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In 2018, CUCKOO Malaysia garnered over 370,000 customers and has opened over 530 Brandstores and Brandkiosks nationwide. There's no doubt that Cuckoo manufactures the best Korean rice cookers you can come across. Cuckoo began 40 years ago as an OEM supplier for large companies like LG, Philips, and Panasonic and has grown into the No. We may be known for producing the best rice cookers, but we don’t stop there. Multifunctional cooker with solution of world wide recipes. For the last 17 years, Cuckoo has held 74% market share for pressure rice cookers in Korea, the No. Great for making stews and cooking meats to perfection, Cuckoo pressure cookers are on the forefront of cooking technology.

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