If the pod does not fit perfectly you can use some super glue to fix it. For new instrument, it'll take time for the strings as well as the wood to adapt the pulling force. Sanding While the components of your ukulele kit have been shaped and roughly sanded in the factory, to give your instrument the best possible look and feel you will want to sand it further. I love the Satin finish, it just feels like it could be sanded down a lot better. Set in the axis of Tack cloth or brush. DIY ukulele kit; craft paint; craft paintbrushes; painter’s tape; light grit sandpaper; wood sealer; gold paint pen; ruler; Make Time. How to Make a Painted Pineapple Ukulele Materials. Please place it in the ventilated environment for a while and avoid water and direct sunlight. 7. 8 Machine heads (4 pcs.) Step 1. So my Richwood ukulele arrived today, workmanship isn't the best, but it's a pretty cheap uke so I couldn't ask for more! 9 Mounting screws for machine heads (8 pcs., short) and bridge (2 pcs., long) 10 Cover caps for bridge mounting screws (2 pcs.) The glossy, satin finishes that are on the surface of ukuleles and guitars doesn’t lend themselves to painting. See more ideas about ukelele painted, painted ukulele, ukelele. Here's what I might do, 1) Sand off the whole ukulele except the bridge and fretboard 11 Strings (4 pcs.) Apr 30, 2019 - Explore Johnna Tomke's board "Ukelele painted" on Pinterest. The instruments in those kits come in their plain, natural, glory. 8. Mounting the tuners Set in the pod into the hole of the headstock of the Ukulele (see picture). Dec 26, 2018 - Explore Grace McAlexander's board "DIY ukulele ideas" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ukulele, Ukulele art, Painted ukulele. By the way, this will be my first painting project so I may need some advice. A wood finish of your choice – stain, lacquer, oil, paint etc. You may need to tune the ukulele several times until the force is balanced and tune is settled. If you get a DIY ukulele or guitar kit, you won’t have to worry about sanding. Painters tape for masking . Therefore it may give off wood and paint smells when you first open the package. If you already have a finished instrument though, you’ll want to lightly sand it before you get started. 5 Hours (Plus Drying Time) Step 1: Your kit should come with all of the uke pieces you’ll need. Start by masking off the sides of the body with painter’s tape and painting the front of the uke yellow. 3) paint work must be done outside 4) paint several thin layers to achieve good results 5) let the paint dry after each layer 6. In addition to this manual, the following items are included: 1 Body 2 Neck 3 Fretboard 4 Saddle 5 Bridge 6 Nut 7 Fixing ring for machine heads (4 pcs.) Thank you for purchasing this Ukulele kit.

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