The helmet also features a subliminal pattern on the center portion that also comes to a point at the point of the logo on the back of the helmet. 2002-11 1st Photo. The masks are generic gray. … The Penn State Nittany Lions women’s hockey team will be doing a pink out today, with pink jerseys (natch) to be auctioned for charity. They looked so slow compared to everyone else. who’d a thunk it? (h/t Brad Denny). The facemask on the helmet goes from gray to blue. Of course the majority of teams have worn standard home or road unis in the Super Bowl, however the 1994 49ers did wear throwbacks, but of course they had been wearing a variation of them during the majority of the season, having donned the red-over-white throwbacks eight times, as well as on through the playoffs. The white Seahawks road jersey underwent the same changes as its blue counterpart did in 1983. Cleats: Neon green and navy. See more ideas about seahawks helmet, seahawks, cool football helmets. For the links within the years, I have made every effort to ensure that the image corresponds to the year being described. So uncool at the time. They are: navy/navy, navy/gray (once), white/white, white/navy (which will be the Super Bowl XLVIII combination), and gray/gray. As Aaron Wigg points out, “And as if Joe Maddon could get any cooler; the second picture is a beer kegerator/tap for his office.” … The SDSU Aztecs have a new home uni — check out that waistband! You guys have a great Saturday, and I’ll catch you here tomorrow, Super Bowl Sunday. … Also last night ASU had a blackout. The socks are blue and match the stripes on the sleeves of the blue jersey. Below that shield was the wordmark "Seahawks", in blue, in the new typeface. The socks were white, and topped with blue-white-green-white-green-white-blue stripes, with the blue stripes being much wider and thicker than the others. For those of you who aren’t reading these comments, it’s not working for you either. 2013: Five uni combinations are used for the regular and post season. I think with all the serious social issues that we discuss on UW, the occasional bits of humor can’t hurt…can it? … No football helmet will probably ever be 100% effective in eliminating concussions, but a study suggests some helmets may be more protective than others (from Tommy Turner). … Hmmm. 2012-Current 2nd Photo. 2012: Ten years after the last uni overhaul, comes another one. With Miami Seahawks, New York Titans and Dallas Texans names having fallen into disuse then being restored years later with other franchises in other locations, why not Oklahoma Oilers? College Football News: The Tennessee Volunteers will be switching from adidas to Nike in 2015. The socks were white, and topped with blue-white-green-white-green-white-blue stripes (got all that? The white TV numbers on the blue home jerseys were moved to the shoulders, and the stripes were replaced by the same Seahawk head logo featured on the helmet. There were some scrimmages that were held without the logos (thanks M. Princip) but all preseason and regular games had logos on their helmets. HELMET HISTORY. The Giants orange pullover was their road jersey in 78-79. They’re still OK in my book, but they used to be among my favorites in the league. It’s not my favorite uniform but its definitely the best modern look (then again there are only handful of modern teams), and in my top 10. Wing Bowl Friday morning in an Eagles helmet car, about Oklahoma City’s prospects for a future NFL franchise,,,,,,, The Seahawks also wore a white jersey-blue pants combination for road games in both 2002 and 2009. Grab Bag: Fewer children are playing team sports (at least according to the Wall Street Journal) — apologies if that’s behind a paywall (sent in by Tommy Turner). A neon green section on the “sleeves” is the perfect location for the Nike swoosh and lastly, gray NOBs. For the Seahawks, that meant the cards from 1976-1982 all showed blank helmets. 2002 … The striping sequence on the sleeves below the TV numbers was white-green-white-green-white. The blue jersey has large white numbers front and back and normal sized white numbers on the sleeves. The pants remained the same as before, gray with green-white-blue-white-green vertical stripes. Why no other teams, only the Seahawks? The helmet is silver with logo being the head of a seahawk with an homage to the native American totem style. Cities are out there…Portland, San Antonio, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Norfolk, Omaha (bigger city than Pittsburgh)…I’m not saying they’re the most ideal situations, given college football influences and Vegas being a gambling city, but I think any one of those cities could work. 1980: The Seahawks join the crowd and ditch the fogey black cleats for the sleek white footwear. Submitter John Muir asks, “Was the ‘C’ just gently laid upon the jersey during the unveiling photo shoot? 1982:A blue trim is added to the collar of the u… On the blue jersey, the logo/stripes are outlined in white. A new Seahawks wordmark was also developed, and was added in navy blue on the back bumper. The Seahawks made even more history during the game with Marshawn Lynch's 67-yard run, breaking 9 tackles, to clinch the victory. Helmets: The color changes from silver to a rather unique shade of blue that I prefer to call “gunmetal blue”. One reason for this myth are the football cards. Seattle Seahawks New Era On-Field Low Crown 59FIFTY Fitted Hat – College Navy 1981:The Seahawks keep the same look but ditch the traditional black cleats for sleek white ones. … Brinke sends in a pair of articles on Golden Tate’s awesome skyline socks. Of course, as in all athletics, more uniforms means better recruiting – which is the answer. Anthricite vs Black? Check out Long Island University’s former home court, the Brooklyn Paramount Theater (h/t Sully @pal3327) … FNOB Alert: Syracuse women’s team. The Seahawks' pants for both uniforms were gray with green-white-blue-white-green vertical striping down the legs. The Seahawks' pants for both the home and road uniforms were gray, with green-white-blue-white-green striping down the legs. … Did you know Jerry Lewis (the comedian) actually played in (and got a hit) a preseason game with the Astros in 1973? No mention of the April 1, 2009 Uni Watch? Because that’s a pretty common term and I daresay seeing sexual innuendo in that is exactly the kind of Beavis & Buttheadian stretch the submitter insisted they’re not prone to. Most readers of UW know the myth has been busted; however, some still fall prey to the gag. The jersey follows the template of the usual white and gunmetals, same neck and sleeve edge trim, white numbers with navy outlines, white wordmark and NOB, and navy sleeves. Helmet: navy is now the color, with the logo now having a thick upper navy stripe and a thick lower gray stripe still separated by a thin layer of white, with the entire logo outlined in white. The original all-white yoke or collar around the neck was replaced by a green-white-blue-white-green striping sequence, and eventually an NFL shield was also added in the middle in 1991. Exactly, Phil! Hockey News: With the Olympics starting next week, John Muir sent in this article on USA goalie masks through history. Casey Kasem sporting an Angels uni in 67. All the numbers were white, trimmed with navy blue. The long wait for the Super Bowl is almost over. The front wordmark is new and in gunmetal, as is the NOB. Not unlike the VERY old days when someone would ask “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” and the reply would be, “Why yes we do.” The joke would then be “Well, LET HIM OUT!”, Also, see: “Is your refrigerator running?”. I attended several LIU basketball games at the Paramount maybe 10-15 yrs ago. When Joe Altobelli was the manager in 78-79, we used to joke about Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Giants. Also, they had the original movie pit organ, which was played by Yankee Stadium organist Eddie Layton.

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