FK-61 is generally considered first-generation ED glass, is made in China (as is the EON telescope) and is very similar to FPL-51 made in Japan. While it’s excellent at providing a bit of everything from wide-field viewing to high power observation, it may suffer with field curvature. For a refractor with APO optics, it offers excellent value to the budding photographer. Perfect for astrophotography and observation, Explore Scientific’s apochromatic refractors reveal the universe with stunning clarity and true color. You’ll want a very sturdy mount made from quality materials that will hold up the weight of the OTA and all additional imaging equipment. The Best Dedicated Astronomy Cameras for Beginners. However, a camera with an imaging sensor smaller than ASP-C may not produce any difference even with a field flattener. There’s more to learn, so zoom on in! Whenever you have an APO lens system, you almost always have ED or FL (Fluorite) elements to improve image quality for either visual or imaging purposes. This is great for most imaging but minimal CA may be noticeable at very high power. ED refers to elements that optical glass can be made with that provides even more aberration-free benefits. Powered by Shopify. The Orion EON 115 ED Triplet APO telescope is a buy that you will not be disappointed with. Light gathering and magnification power: An 80 mm refractor gathers 131 times more light than the naked eye. Unfortunately, it’s still not large enough to gather enough details or light on the dimmest DSOs. Do You Really Need a Field Flattener to Use the Orion EON Telescope? While you may get excellent visuals on Jupiter and its satellites, its features are rather faint. ED Glass We will be glad to help. However, you may be surprised as to what faint objects you can capture on a refractor of this size. So, what you are paying for that justifies a high price without the other much-needed equipment? Still not sure what is the right gear for you? This dramatically reduces CA (Chromatic Aberration) that is easily identified as false color, color bleeding, or color fringing. With its extra-large 3” Crayford focuser, you have very precise 11:1 dual speed adjustment. Optical Design: Refractor; Aperture: 115 mm; Focal Length: 805 mm; Focal Ratio: f/7; Eyepieces Included: None; Our Verdict: Without making the leap into the $2000 budget or more, the EON 115 ED Triplet APO telescope allows you to take your astrophotography skills to the next level. Orion SkyQuest XX16g GoTo Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope Review, Explore Scientific Firstlight AR152 Telescope Review (EXOS-2 GoTo Refractor), Celestron Advanced VX800 RASA Telescope Review, Celestron Advanced VX 6 Refractor Telescope Review. 800-483-6287 In this case, you may have a modest aperture, but you have excellent optics. As a refractor with appropriate focal specs for imaging, the EON is up to the task and will last for eons as … When compared to doublets, these are more expensive because they tend to be much better at color correction and will give the user a much cleaner view., 800-483-6287 It's quite complicated, in fact. Altair Astro’s new 6-inch (152mm) ED f/8 triplet telescope looks and feels like a luxury telescope even before you look through the eyepiece. Without ED (Extra-low dispersion) and APO optics, these objects would be seen with CA that can severely interfere with imaging. Triplets are also classified as apoch... Sign up for OPT news, exclusive offers, and updates on the latest gear! The Orion EON 115 ED APO telescope will be an attractive buy for beginners and intermediates looking for a serious visual scope or an upgrade to further develop astro imaging skills. The hand control is what you use to control the functions and access a database that allows you to find objects in the sky. The Starry Night Special Edition astronomy software digital download insert is also included. In light polluted cities, the 6 inch has advantages over a 10 or 12 inch mirror, because of the lower magnified sky.. Even then, the EON is very popular with amateurs looking for growth from a telescope that will last a lifetime and intermediates looking for a refractor with APO on budget to expand their imaging catalog. When compared to doublets, these are more expensive because they tend to be much better at color correction and will give the user a much cleaner view. This telescope has one element ED glass. Color correction with FK-61 is much improved versus non-ED optics, but it’s still entry-level compared to higher grade ED glass. Many lens assemblies are air-spaced, and a few use oil to fill the lens spaces. Triplet Refracting Telescopes, or Triplets, as they are commonly referred to, are telescopes with 3 lenses. The next generation telescope features premium optical performance and a … Triplet Refracting Telescopes, or Triplets, as they are commonly referred to, are telescopes with 3 lenses. With a Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar, it will fit most any modern Alt-azimuth or equatorial mount available today. Refractors are already more expensive per inch in aperture than reflector telescopes, and due to the difficulty in design and the need for color corrective glass elements and coatings required for the optics, maximum size is limited.

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