The Good Stuff, Delivered. Of all platform vices this is about the worst. The one in the council chamber upstairs dates from 1527 and gives an allegorical representation of the Virtues and the Vices. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Her contemporaries, scorning her low birth rather than her vices, attributed to her a malicious political role of which she was at heart incapable, and have done scant justice to her quick wit, her frank but gracious manners, and her seductive beauty. In them are mingled the vices and virtues. Private Vices Public Benefits (1723), was a conspicuous if not a typical specimen. In it the vices of this policy were displayed to the Phii If fullest extent. in 104 9 a writing denouncing the vices of the clergy and entitled Liber Gomorrhianus; and soon became associated with Hildebrand in the work of reform. The disgust aroused by the vices and effeminacy of the king increased the popularity of Henry of Guise. But this act, as well as the vices and insane follies into which he was led by worthless foreign and native favourites, soon brought his reign and his life to an end. Livy writes as a Roman, to raise a monument worthy of the greatness of Rome, and to keep alive, for the guidance and the warning of Romans, the recollection alike of the virtues which had made Rome great and of the vices which had threatened her with destruction. When the Boyar Duma became the Senate, and the Prikazi or administrative departments were organized under the name of Colleges, and when every important town was endowed with a Rathhaus, a Polizeimeister, gilds, aldermen, and all the municipal paraphernalia of western Europe, the vices of the old institutions survived in the new. This is apparent to all students of Machiavelli and Guicciardini, the profoundest analysts of their age, the bitterest satirists of its vices, but themselves infected with its incapacity for moral goodness. This little treatise stands almost alone in Proverbs; the great mass of its aphorisms relate to vices and faults which, though possible in any tolerably well-organized community, were specially prominent in the cities in which the Jews dwelt after the conquests of Alexander. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Homophones Similar … It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. These acts, which the vices of Alphonso had rendered necessary, were sanctioned by the Cortes in 1668. In this chronique the gods, like other gods, are adventurous warriors, adulterers, incestuous, homicidal, given to animal transformations, cowardly, and in fact charged with all human vices, and credited with magical powers. Astute in small matters, he had no breadth of view or foresight; his policy was continually warped by his passions or caprices; he flaunted vices of the most sordid kind with a cynical indifference to public opinion, and shocked an age which was far from tenderhearted by his ferocity to vanquished enemies. Storied treasures in the way of fine wines, foods, toys, tools, spirits, accessories and tech items delivered to your door along with a book published to tell their story. Grouped around their belfry-towers and organized within their gilds, they made merry in their free jocular language over their own hardships, and still more over the vices of their lords. And, come nightfall under the cover of darkness, you run into the arms of your vices. The ruling classes among them display all the vices of the lower classes, and few of the virtues except that of courtesy. Examples of vices in a Sentence. Neither of the heroines has any but the rudiments of a moral sense; but Roxana, both in her original transgression and in her subsequent conduct, is actuated merely by avarice and selfishness - vices which are peculiarly offensive in connexion with her other failing, and which make her thoroughly repulsive. Among the people there was no public opinion to discourage despotism; the majority accepted their lot as inevitable, and tried rather to reproduce than to restrain the vices of their rulers. The son could not see why the state should tax the schoolmaster to support the priest, but never vice versa. Dubois was unscrupulous, but so were his contemporaries, and whatever vices he had, he gave France peace -after the disastrous wars of Louis XIV. The great bishop St Nicetius (528-566), who was banished for rebuking the vices of king Clotaire I. Paldo, Tuto and Vaso (according to Mabillon); Assumption of the Virgin; Combat between the Virtues and the Vices. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "vice" Of my many vices, I think smoking will be the most difficult to quitHis only vice is his great fondness for expensive wines.

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