Some of these are inserted directly on the audio channel strip while others are placed on return channels which you send the vocals to. This vocal chain is fairly versatile, but even so, it’ll sound best when adjusted to suit your vocalist and the mix that their performance is situated in (always be sure to ultimately make decisions based on how the vocals … Compression in your vocal chain. The vocals after the Delay ETERNITY. While it may be simple, VOG makes vocals … Therefore, a vocal chain … During an astonishingly long career, Schmitt has won 23 Grammy Awards, making him the most successful engineer/mixer in Grammy history During his career, Al has recorded … The first device in a vocal chain … It can be tough to dial in a powerful-sounding vocal around a massive 808, a booming kick drum, and fat bass guitar Short for Voice of God, the Little Labs VOG is actually just a low-shelf / high-pass filter combo with some analog vibe thrown in for good measure. In this piece, we’ll take a look at a basic vocal chain and learn how to craft a simple yet effective vocal effects chain using compressors, EQs, de-essers, reverb, and delay. A vocal chain is essentially a chain of effects you process your vocals with. Video - Vocal Recording Chain.

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