Though diners at Durham's Nanataco start asking for the Watermelon Rosé Sangria in spring, but the seasonal libation isn't available until summer. Watermelon is an iconic summer food. Apples, July through October (cold storage until spring), Brussels Sprouts, September through November, Carrots, June through September (local harvest available from storage through March), Celeriac/Celery Root, September through November, Garlic, July through October (stored year-round), Kohlrabi, June and July, September and October, Onions, July through October (stored in winter), Parsnips, April and May and again October through December, Potatoes, July through December (available from storage year-round), Shelling Beans, September through November, Turnips, August through November (local harvest available from storage through the winter). It's the perfect choice for a potluck picnic dessert, an essential part of any barbecue spread, and a refreshing poolside snack. Watermelon season runs throughout the summer -- from May to September -- but the exact range depends on where you live, Keep an eye out at your local farmers market. Here’s a produce list of fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season during each month. Chef Clayton Anderson lightly cold-smokes cilieginesoft, rich, and creamy balls of mozzarellato impart a subtle smoky flavor that tamps down the melon's bright sweetness. Picking the Right Variety of Watermelon is Key to Success Watermelon may be a summer-long fixture, but it's especially delicious in July when it hits peak season in North Carolina. 7:00 a.m. RSS. Learn to Pick Like a Pro and See What Local Restaurants Are Cooking. On a Carolina Beach trip three years ago, I ordered my first watermelon and feta salad and swore I'd never eat it any other way. The sweet fruit travels to other countries like Russia, Bermuda, Japan, Mexico and France. Here, we limit ourselves to locally grown fruits and vegetables. For many of us, watermelon recalls childhood memories of hot summer days munching ripe, ruby slices, juice dripping down our chins. Learn to Pick Like a Pro and See What Local Restaurants Are Cooking. We've started our watermelons from seed every May and put plants out around Memorial Day every year for the past 5 years - the results, a garden full of tasty watermelons! The sangria was created by owner Jennifer Gillie, who drew on her bartending background to transform sangria, which can be cloying, into a balanced, nuanced beverage. Eating local in New York can mean a lot of things—locally brewed beer, locally baked bread from locally grown grain, locally roasted coffee (though the beans themselves are not, obviously, grown in the Empire State). The U.S. is the leading exporter of watermelon, with most being produced in Texas, Georgia, Florida and California. Even though it's perfect on its own, watermelon is a versatile ingredient and can be enjoyed in many ways. A later harvest, a shorter growing season, and a long harvest of cool-weather crops as winter creeps from Upstate down defines New York seasonality. Downtown Raleigh's Whiskey Kitchen gives savory watermelon salad a fresh spin, pairing locally-sourced melon with smoked mozzarella cheese instead of feta. In the South, folks like to sprinkle salt on their slices. Here, watermelon cubes and mozzarella balls are combined with chunks of heirloom tomatoes and buttery croutons crafted from Tribeca Bakery baguettes, then dressed in a red-wine vinaigrette and garnished with fresh basil. There's even a designated Watermelon Day at the State Farmers Marketthis year's event will be held on July 26 and will feature free slices, recipes, and the Largest Watermelon in N.C. contest (last year's winner weighed in at more than two hundred and thirty-seven pounds!). Peak N.C. Watermelon Season Is Here. Support fearless independent local journalism. To add in citrus and spice (and everything nice), she mixes in habanero simple syrup, fresh orange and lime juices, and a dash of salt. This seasonal ingredients list is based, generally, on produce available in the New York metropolitan area during their peak-season. Sangria knows no seasonality and is practically synonymous with party time, but, when the wine is rosé, and the fruit is watermelon, it adds up to a refreshing summer sipper. A later harvest, a shorter growing season, and a long harvest of cool-weather crops as winter creeps from Upstate down defines New York seasonality. Their watermelon season includes all of June, July, August and September. Panzanella is a traditional Tuscan tomato-and-bread chopped salad that was created to revive pieces of stale bread, which eagerly soak up the juices of summer-ripe tomatoes and olive-oil-and-vinegar dressing. And the North Carolina Watermelon Association's online recipe arsenal proves that watermelon can go beyond salads, featuring recipes for watermelon soup, tacos, lettuce wraps, and pizza. An award-winning food writer and cookbook author, Molly Watson has created more than 1,000 recipes focused on local, seasonal ingredients. The combination of sugary watermelon with a dash of saltbe it sea, Kosher, pink Himalayan, or table saltyields an irresistible sweet-savory combination. As you can see, the watermelon season for every state occurs during the warmer months, but each state’s specific time periods are a little different. Imported watermelon is in its peak season from March through May. Peak N.C. Watermelon Season Is Here. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. For the cupcake base of the cocktail-turned-confection, Branly and Braam start by sourcing locally-grown watermelons from Lyon Farms or the Durham Farmers Market, then make a watermelon puree. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Mint is a classic addition to watermelon drinks, where it lends a crisp, herbaceous foil to the fruit's sugary sweetness. Since 2008, The Cupcake Bar in Durham has earned a following for its specialty cupcakes, whose flavors are often inspired by owners (and sisters) Anna Branly and Katie Braam's favorite cocktails. Although the watermelon season changes per state, the best time of the year to buy this fruit is between May and September because then it’s alternatively season in … The watermelon cupcake is then topped with mint buttercream frosting and pieces of fondant fashioned to look like watermelon seeds. I've also since discovered that in the South, rinds are often pickled. To make things boozy, she combines it with Laurent Miquel rosé, a dry, French wine, and silver tequila, an unaged tequila with sharp flavor. Watermelon Cooler Cupcake at The Cupcake Bar. This includes: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and their principal cities. July's menu will welcome back the perennially popular Watermelon Cooler Cupcake, which was inspired by a watermelon and mint tipple Branly discovered at nearby Geer Street Garden. But if you prefer to leave the selection and creative preparation to the pros, here's where to munch and sip your way to watermelon-induced bliss at restaurants around the Triangle. To tone down the sweetness and add effervescence, Gillie tops her creation with rosé Cava and garnishes it with a cilantro sprig for a pop of color. We’ve created an in-season produce calendar for Florida so you can easily see when it’s the right time to find the freshest cantaloupe or watermelon, or if you’ve missed citrus season. by Sharon Kurtzman. Raise your hand if, like me, you ate down to the rind and scraped off every bit of pink flesh with your front teeth. © 2020 Indy Week • 320 E. 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