Their sound output is clearer than those of the other kinds of subwoofers. You’ll also need fewer tools and lesser time to install them. Editor’s Killer Guide, How To Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer In Car, Best Saltwater Trolling Motor Review 2020 | Extreme Top 10, How To Make Electric Scooter Go Faster|4 Damn Effective Tips, Connect A Subwoofer To A Car Stereo [5 Damn Useful Steps], Best 50cc Scooter & Moped 2020: Reviews With Buying Guide. Regular subwoofers are often more expensive than shallow mount ones due to their larger size. You definitely have to know about the different subwoofers to be able to make the right purchasing decision. The regular subwoofers are the exact opposite. Upon going through the differences between the two kinds of subwoofers, it’s clear than each option has its strengths and weaknesses. On the other hand, the larger size of regular subs makes them more noticeable and unsightly, such that you’d have to place them within the trunk to hide them. The regular subwoofers, on the other hand, require larger, cuboid, and bulkier boxes. The compact design of shallow mount subs actually makes them easier to maintain as you can easily clean them and fix any problems. But their biggest con is their large size, which makes them ill-suited for cars that … The Regular subs: These are bigger and they are heavy because of the difficulties while shifting the regular subs. The most common subwoofer designs today are shallow mount subwoofers and regular subwoofers. Regular subwoofers have the potential of delivering a wider frequency range than shallow mount subs. You’ll also find them in trunks of regular cars such as sedans and station wagons. Michael Evanchuk is a San Francisco-based sound engineer with 20 years’ experience installing, troubleshooting, and repairing commercial, automotive, and household sound equipment. The second part shall examine the differences between the two most common kinds of subwoofers on the market for your easy choosing. Since regular subwoofers are more common than shallow mount subs, their price range is wider. With a large, regular subwoofer, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot of space in your car. Regular and shallow mount subs also differ in terms of durability. On the other hand, regular subs are large in size, thereby consuming more power. For these reasons, they are better off used in larger cars like PSVs and SUVs. A regular subwoofer is generally more sensitive than the shallow-mount subwoofer. A shallow mount subwoofer offers a distinct type of performance and portability, which are important factors in your final selection. Advantages of a Shallow Mount Subwoofer The various pros of a shallow mount type of subwoofer generally have to do with the lightness and portability of the component. However, they require different types of sub boxes in terms of size. Both shallow mount and regular subs can be enclosed in sub boxes. Basically, shallow mount subs come with more compact enclosures than regular subs. The reason for the wider frequency range of regular subs is due to their design that allows for optimum operation under most circumstances. Because of this, they find applicability in almost all kinds of cars and mounting spaces available. The bigger enclosure of regular subs offer them more protection in the event of an impact. Perhaps standing out as their major downsides are the fact that they are bulkier, larger in size, and of course, more expensive. Inside a subwoofer, electrical signals are passed through a magnetic coil that causes a cone to vibrate. Thus, they don’t demand a lot of power from an amplifier.

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