Private schools conducting education and training such as tuition and enrichment must register their school, courses offered and teachers with us. After primary school, children move onto secondary school, which runs for students aged from around 12, to 16 or 17. Central control of education, and tight alignment of the education system to Singapore’s priorities risks uniformity. During the 2 year orientation phase that follows though, pupils are streamed per subject according to their learning abilities, or difficulties. Primary Education. Fang, S. I. The first 4 years of primary education form a foundation stage with a common curriculum. 8. Compulsory education All Singapore Citizens born after 1 January 1996 and living in Singapore must attend a national primary school unless an exemption is granted. School Education is a priority in well regulated Singapore and follows the core western model. -employers, staff from next-level education institutions, school teachers-at development/review stages Partnership-provide industry visits, authentic learning -science centre, museums, research institutes Regular Review - 6-year curriculum cycle with a mid-term review 22 (C) Ministry of Education, Singapore … Singapore’s national curriculum aims to nurture each child to his full potential, to discover his talents and to develop in him a passion for life-long learning. The Ministry of Education has fostered diversity and creativity by supporting ‘independent’ schools, which remain public but are free to experiment (and, until recently, received additional funding). The math curriculum consists of a set of programs over the course of 12 years, from primary to pre-university education, and is mandatory until the end of secondary school. In Singapore, they know that mathematics has a natural hierarchy. Design of the Singapore Curriculum. IT IS ENVISIONED THAT STUDENTS AT THE END OF PRIMARY EDUCATION, SECONDARY EDUCATION AND PRE-UNIVERSITY WOULD HAVE ACQUIRED THESE EIGHT CORE SKILLS AND VALUES. Singapore curriculum: From policy to classroom’, Singapore: Springer. The Singapore education system. Pre-school is offered from age three, in Singapore, with primary schooling from the age of around seven.

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