Make sure to keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. … Spray Paint Safety Tips. Avoid over-reaching whilst using them. 2. I am dealing with such scenario for the first time so I was wondering if you guys can advise on this please? Stay out of heat and away from fire. I need a risk assessment if possible for spray painting. When carrying out your risk assessment don’t overlook aerosol cans in the hazard identification step. Spillages Items stored include liquids that may leak if care isn’t taken. Even a single can of lubricant or spray paint is a hazard and must be factored into your Safety Management Plan. Team Based Risk Assessment may be required. Risk to decorator if not used properly and in good order Med low Steps in good order and used on flat even ground. Once you have hand-written your site task risk assessment form for painting and decorating you may wish to revisit this electronic version to input your data. Post by Woodie » Fri Oct 06, 2006 2:43 pm. We have hired a contractor who are planning to spray paint the ceiling above the production lines and Senior … 4.4 Risk assessment of work with hazardous substances 10 4.4.1 Employer’s responsibilities 10 4.4.2 Exposure standards 10 ... Spray painting is a process by which air is driven across the mouth of a small outlet under such pressure as to draw the paint out and produce an air-paint mist from the Prior to starting your spray paint project, read the safety tips provided on the label of every Krylon can, and take into consideration these five additional safety tips:. Krylon ® makes using spray paint safe and easy. Spray painting risk assessment. Refer to CSBP Guide Manual Team Based Risk Assessment (CSBP-GM-11-030-02) for details. If you wish to enter more than 5 hazards on the form then right-click in an empty space within the bottom row and select the ‘Insert’ option. 1. I have just had one the blokes come in and ask a question. Include aerosols in your risk assessment. 3.4 WORK PERMITS A CSBP Work Permit is required prior to the commencement of any abrasive blasting or spray painting work done on site. Risk Assessment for Contractors Spray Painting Ceiling - posted in Maintenance: Hi, I have bee asked to carry out a risk assessment for this particular scenario. • A tower to be used if high work required. I initially thought of training required and the usual ppe, ie vapour Anyone else got any other ideas or a template please. Work Permits will be issued in accordance with CSBP Procedure Work Hi Guys, after a bit of help.

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