When attempting to win custody, don't invent negative stories about your ex. Here are some tips to help you build your case for child custody. It is no longer automatic that the mother will be in full custody of the children after divorce. In order to prevail in receiving full custody of the children, a … You will want to have documents and evidence of your claims. Texas fathers who believe that their children’s best interests would be best served by having full child custody may want to enlist the help of a family law attorney. Rachel K. Miller, Esq. Keep your emotions under control and demonstrate that you are a mature individual. In recent years, the entire social structure has witnessed massive changes, and legal cases are also following the same tide. In fact, mothers win child custody in at least eight out of ten cases. These stories also will likely hinder your chances of winning custody. Once, there was a policy of ensuring that the mother always received custody, called the “tender years” doctrine, which assumed that young children needed to be with their mothers in their early, developmental years. Even though the rules of family law and civil procedure don’t necessarily require you to take that route, it is worth trying out. However, things are changing, and the rights of fathers have been increasing over time. In most cases, a judge will inquire into each parent’s personal relationship with the kid before awarding custody rights. If the kids feel secure and happy around you, it becomes easy to convince the judge to grant you full custody. So, if she is pretty sure that the kids will be better off with you, she might consider it instead of letting it go to the court where she knows she has better chances of winning the custody. As long as you are still in good terms with the mother, consider requesting custody mediation. Call for a free consultation +1-512-212-4840, Call for a free consultation | +1-512-212-4840, On behalf of McNutt Law Firm PLLC | Dec 19, 2017 | Child Custody |. This often includes any information regarding the current custody and visitation arrangements the parents have during the proceedings. If the evidence supports a father receiving full custody, the court may well order it. Sometimes, the judge may decide to use your attitude to make a sound custody decision. The question of which parent is more likely to get custody is an ever evolving one. The stigma of dads being seen as the bad guys in a divorce has left many good men on the wrong side of child custody battles. In fact, mothers win child custody in at least eight out of ten cases. But more recently, courts and lawmakers have realized that the mother is not always in the best position to … Parents interested in obtaining sole or "full" custody often end up in court, engaged in a difficult battle because neither party is willing to compromise to reach an agreement. Therefore, it is crucial to try and maintain a strong relationship with your child, even if you are already separated. In order to accomplish that task, it would help to know what factors the court considers. As in any other court hearing, providing the right evidence is essential. This will automatically be the case if the father assumes that a mother will be awarded custody and fails to fight viciously for custody of his kids. July 5, 2017 Custody. Disclaimer | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Business Development Solutions by FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters, In today’s world, more fathers win child custody battles, Tips for divorced parents around the holidays, Co-parenting when your ex-spouse isn’t willing to cooperate, Divorce and your future finances: Answer these questions, Grandparent adoption: a necessary step sometimes. In most cases, judges in divorce cases rule that a mother will enjoy custody of the children after divorce/separation and that the father will be guaranteed reasonable visitation. How to Win a Custody Battle. Doing so could increase the chances of a successful hearing. Read on to find out everything you need to know. Family law in most states outlines that custody of children under the age of five years must be awarded to the biological mother when parents divorce. Child custody is always a sensitive issue that is fought viciously by parents. Even under questionable circumstances, family courts used to believe that children were better off with their mothers than with their fathers full time. More than likely, even a successful bid by a father would result in liberal visitation by the mother unless the circumstances make it harmful to the children. Without a doubt, courts here in Texas and across the country once favored keeping kids with their mothers. Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Claim? When you understand that their efforts to control the situation and hurt you are a symptom of their sickness, it can become easier to deal with. You need to prepare thoroughly and make sure you do everything right to convince the judge that you are the better parent. But, with changing attitudes toward child custody fathers are still likely to gain at least 50/50 custody if they are willing to fight for it. If you are involved in a contested custody battle, you will most likely have to work with a Guardian ad Litem or a Custody Evaluator; it is also possible that you will have to have a hearing or trial. In such cases, the court ultimately determines who will prevail, and the outcomes can be surprising—in part because there's a higher burden of proof for the parent seeking sole custody. Keep in mind that you can never be too available for your children. In order to prevail in receiving full custody of the children, a father will need to show the court that it is in the best interests of the children to do so. It only makes sense that mothers who have a closer bond due to the time spent caring for a child be the one more likely to obtain custody during a divorce. All Rights Reserved. You will need the documents to make your case strong. In a typical child custody battle, a mother has a higher chance of winning than a father. But that doesn’t mean no man has ever won a child custody battle. Don’t Drag Your Kids into the Fight If you want to win custody for your kids, you need to be involved in their lives. Even if you have informal arrangements with the mother, make sure you maintain your own records and proof of payment. While a father can win child custody of his kids, the battle is never easy. At Legal Giant, we understand how difficult it can be for a father to win a custody case. We’re ready to help you fight for your family. Even under questionable circumstances, family courts used to believe that children were better off with their mothers than with their fathers full time. Failing to remit child support funds consistently and on time can be interpreted as a lack of interest to care for your kid. If you want to win the custody battle, it is crucial to ensure that you are current on your child support payments. Spending more time with them and helping them through their development will not only strengthen your custody case but also solidify your bond with them. Critical Things You Need To Do After a Car Accident: A Step-By-Step Guide, 9 Critical Documents To Show Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer After An Accident. The relationship you have with the kid will be one of the most critical factors in granting or denying you full custody. If the father has been an absent and inactive parent, he loses. Legal Giant. No matter how tough and stressful the court proceedings become, show respect to all parties involved, including your spouse, judge, attorneys, and children. Divorce is painful, but things get worse where children are involved. Be a role model to them, and don’t find it hard to make sacrifices needed to be with them. A key aspect of winning your child custody battle is working with an experienced family attorney. A custody battle with a narcissist more likely means that you’re fighting with a sick person than a cunning genius. In custody decisions, mothers are more likely to receive primary residential custody than fathers.

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