Very disappointed. Very apologetic - seems they now have a new telephone contact team in Europe who have supposedly been trained - don't know in what, certainly not customer service! Explore Logic Vape's selection of quality e-cigs & vaping devices, along with a variety of e-liquid capsule and cartridge refills. ik kon het terug sturen en een nieuwe ontvangen dat ook gedaan. 2 of 3 compact liquid pods leaking, I've changed them after an hour=empty. And no dry hits at all, even when we chain-vaped or took long puffs. It vapes well, looks classy, and feels premium with its metal finish. The Compact is an auto-draw pod system without buttons and complicated settings. But that’s a minor inconvenience we can live with. But honestly, it doesn’t make much sense. Plus the costs of the capsules. However, for vapers looking for a nicotine fix in a pinch, Logic will do. Terrible leaking problems too. I will be seeking an alternative. Anyway, haven't smoked a cigarette in a long time thanks to Logic Pro - hope it doesn't get discontinued. It’d be nice if it had an extra color or two to indicate battery levels properly because as it is right now the only safe thing to do is proactively charge it whenever you have the chance. The pods won’t come out while you’re vaping, but one of them came out in the pocket of one our testers. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. I also find that these pods give me heart burn, however the flavour and prices of these are of no comparison to Juul, they are a lot more intense in flavour and half the price. Logic have become an easily accessible brand throughout the country.Pod Mods are a huge trend in vaping now. Every pod leaks a lot of fluid so I keep the pod separate from the device. We will be getting some more of those for sure. We’ve also seen them around in 6 mg strength but these don’t appear on Logic’s website. Overall it is a solid flavor, but it won’t blow your mind. Very handy and it helps me satisfy my nicotine cravings since I want to lessen it. Is this the best vape pen for e liquid? Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. There are five flavors to choose from and as mentioned in the previous section, only two are available in the 18 mg strength. As always our views are our own. Their products look sleek and very simple, there are tons of colors and other designs available on their website. For example, we went through the whole day when using the 18 mg pods, but we did have to charge it during the evening when vaping on the 12 mg pods. maar ik heb nooit eentje ontvangen, heel vaak gebeld maar ze helpen niet. A strong menthol flavor, with enough cooling effect to have menthol smokers feel at home. The FDA guidance only applies to products sold in the United States. This is our fourth beginner kit being reviewed lately that’s available in the EU. The 12 mg pods didn’t hit the spot, but vaping on the 18 mg pods was satisfying enough to give it a pass. Make sure you inspect the battery contacts when changing pods, as there may be some juice accumulating there — they should be dry. Strawberry (available in 12 mg) Even then it is a bit too cool for some of us, but it makes some nice vapor production. I'll be happy to give you dates and times for you to listen back to the nonsense I was told since you record your calls. The Logic e cig range incorporates disposables, rechargeable e-cigs and many more options, making it a versatile brand which is worth considering for all kinds of vaper. I strongly suggest this shop. Not worth the hassle. This is a smooth tobacco flavor that’s not overly sweet or nutty like most of the tobaccos that come in prefilled pods. I have sent messages - which they do not reply to. The Logic Pro is a beginner vape that comes in the form of a vape pen. This pre-filled capsule concept is much better than 'liquid fill' ones, of course you still have to dry out the battery top/vaporizer every now and again, but all good! I think it best I just try something knew. I would have given 5 stars but reduced to 4 as the curv batteries don't always work, I tend to get free batteries when I send back the empty tips for recycling. Here we put vapes from Juul, myBlu, Vype, Logic and more brands to the test. Delivery time exceptional, never had to wait more than 3 days after placing an order. One thing to note is that the pods need some puffs to get going. Cherry (available in 12 mg) It’s also worth noting that the battery will provide consistent performance throughout the duration of the charge, i.e. With its modern design, compact, pocket-sized shape, and one-click magnetic charging, the Logic Compact Vape Pen is more than just an e-cigarette – it's the perfect vape for on-the-go.Its impressive list of features includes a sleek metallic finish, easy assembly, quick pod replacement, and fast charging time. Order now for Free Shipping in the USA. They are plastic, but they come in a nicely designed package with some rubber plugs to prevent leaking. Logic Power Series Review Comparison. it won’t drop even when the battery is low. I have telephoned & can only get through to what seems to be an Indian call centre! Our biggest gripe with the design of the device has to do with the magnets that secure the pods in place. Well it was now apparently, but I thought it was dealt with the day before but no, nothing had come of it and I couldn't talk to anyone else.I'm not taking his word for it that things have been done, after 4 lies and being told I may have misunderstood it's hard to trust them. On the down side - like others, I have had to replace the pen very frequently. A couple of us did get a bit of liquid in our mouths, but this usually happened in the first puffs of the day. Logic’s motto of the Compact is “when vaping just clicks”, which refers to the magnetic connections of the pods and the charger. Depending on how often you hit it you may or may not make a full day out of it. but i never received one, called many times but they don't help. Ordering process is laborious and confusing. It's small, neat, fairly inexpensive and easy to use. You just have to inhale on the mouthpiece. Bought my logic vape a week ago and now its just stopped working despite being on chsrge for over 4 hours. Logic's battery life is fantastic but its taste is inferior to that of Blu. Logic Pro Vape Pen Kit - Logic The Logic Pro Vape Kit by Logic is the ultimate solution to vaping on the go. He said he would send out a courier the next day to collect the order I'd received in error, lie 3.Call back the next day at 4pm after no courier, the man confirmed lie 3 saying I had misunderstood and a returns pack would be with me by Monday, and my order would be tomorrow (Friday 6th) lie 4. The berry was too up front and too artificial. Products sold after Feb. 2 are subject to enforcement if the FDA has not granted them marketing approval through a premarket tobacco application (PMTA). The Compact, as well as the rest of Logic’s products are widely available in the EU and can be found online, as well as in convenience stores and various B&Ms. Our device arrived charged so the only thing we had to do was take out a pod, remove the rubber plug, place it on the slot of the battery, and inhale. Next for my Logic Power Series review I want to do a head to head comparison of the Logic Power e-cig to the Halo G6. This one scored very high with all the members of the team — even the ones who don’t prefer tobacco flavors. The Logic Compact is a beginner vape produced by Logic, a UK-based company and a subsidiary of JTI. That’s an artificial type of strawberry – more strawberry jam than fresh strawberry.

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